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Welcome to Halliday Consultancy

The Digital Assets, Web3 and Fintech Advisory

Get advice from the consultancy with hands-on business experience

Blair Halliday

Empowering success

With extensive industry experience across most regulated sectors in the UK, utilise our expertise to empower your success

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How we can help

Halliday Consultancy

Management and Strategic Advisory

We will support your business with management and strategic advisory services, optimised for the unique requirements of the Digital Asset, EMI and Payments markets. This is shaped utilising the experience gained working within leadership at the largest businesses in these industries.

Halliday Consultancy

Regulatory and Policy Advisory

The regulatory landscape is rapidly changing in the digital space, and 2024 promises to be the most seismic in history for new legislation and FCA licensing requirements  in many sectors. Understanding how to adapt to legislation and how to approach regulators is critical - let us show you how success in this complex environment is best achieved.

Halliday Consultancy

Governance Risk and Compliance Advisory

 We can support you shaping your GRC infrastructure and framework in a manner that delivers regulatory required outcomes and ensures your business is optimised for success.

Be it financial promotions, licensing advice or any other regulatory requirement, we can give you the advice and support that you need.

Our Partners

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